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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Good news, bad news

After finding out about the needs of Fuzi’s daughter before the girl goes to a matriculation college later this month, I informed the girl’s sponsor about it. For the record, our sponsorship programme only covers schooling expenses, not further education. But the girl’s sponsor had told me personally before this to inform her should there be any other needs for the girl, although the sponsorship programme is over for her.

As mentioned in my previous posting, within a few hours after updating the girl’s needs on my facebook page, I managed to get RM755 from donors to help the girl out. The amount was enough to cover for the girl’s registration, the family’s transportation to send the girl to the college and to buy the girl’s personal necessities.

The girl still needed a laptop for her studies. I had told her earlier I’d try to find a 2nd hand computer. Then came the good news…. her sponsor finally replied my email, agreeing to transfer a certain amount of money as reward for the girl’s excellent performance for her SPM. The sponsor did specifically mention that she hoped the girl would use it to buy a computer. And when the amount came in, it was more than enough to the girl a brand new laptop.

This morning, after getting the computer from a computer shop, I headed straight to Fuzi’s house to deliver the laptop to the girl. When the girl saw me carrying the box, plus 2 plastic bags of free gifts (computer bag, mouse, coooler), she exclaimed, “Ya Allah! Makcik beli baru ke?! Mesti mahal ni!” I told her it was a reward from her sponsor for the excellent SPM results. The girl was pleasantly surprised. Although I didn’t come up with the money to help this girl and her family out, somehow I felt the satisfaction seeing this girl on her way to a brighter future, insyaaAllah.

Later today when I was at home, I suddenly remembered the family I went to visit in late April… Mar and her family. After Mar’s husband was diagnosed HIV+, Mar got herself tested and found out she was +ve as well. Then all her 3 children were tested. The results weren’t out yet when I went to visit. I wasn’t too worried about her 17 and 19 year old daughter, but as mentioned in my posting about that visit, I was worried about Mar’s 2 year old daughter. I was still hoping the little girl would be spared from the virus.

Today when I called, coincidentally, Mar just got home from Ipoh. She was in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun earlier in the day, at the paediatric clinic, to be exact, with her youngest girl. Paediatric clinic? Uh oh… bad news??

Indeed. The little 2 year old girl too was confirmed to be HIV positive. :(

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