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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Happy Birthday Aisya!

Remember Aisya? The girl whose story was highlighted by Daphne Ling? If you haven't read about her before, you can read her story here and here.

No, this has nothing to do with any of my HIV families. But today, 1st July 2007 is Aisya's 4th birthday and Daphne and I promised each other that we'd both do a posting on this.


Yesterday, Daphne and I went to menyibuk to Aisya's house to celebrate her birthday. Daphne had earlier just told Aisya's parents, Shahidan and Hayati, that we were paying them a courtesy visit... just to be sure they'd be home.

First, we went to Kinta City, to buy whatever. Whatever??! You see, given her condition, we didn't really know what to buy for Aisya. Clothes? What's her size? Toys? What does she play? Birthday cake? She cannot eat! Aiyoo... banyak susah lor...

Well, we ended up buying some t-shirts for her. The ones for 3-4 years looked rather small, so we bought the ones for 5-6 years. Then Daphne bought some chocolates for Syazwan, courtesy of Nenek (Daphne's mom). And finally we bought KFC (ooops... they don't ban fast food ads on blogs do they? :) ) for our lunch.

Then off we went to their house. That was my 3rd visit. But this time, there was a difference. A pleasant difference. Aisya was no longer the girl who was scared of strangers. This time we saw her smile! This time we saw the playful side of her! What a pleasant sight...

The happy family:
Shahidan, Syazwan, Aisya & Hayati

Oh, of course, she still throws her tantrums from time to time when she doesn't get what she wants. Like when we went yesterday, Shahidan had actually said "Jom" to her... and to little Aisya when her father says "Jom", that means he's taking her somewhere. When he did not, she started to cry. So, off they went on the motorbike for one round around the taman. For a girl who previously would simply cling on to her dear mom wherever she went, I was happy to note that this time she was not so scared of people. She's a very brave girl now!

Feeding time for Aisya. Sorry dear, no birthday cakes for you...

By the time they came back, Aisya was much happier. Syazwan was happy enough with the chocolates given by Nenek Ling :) and the Chicky Meal we bought for him; while we had fried chicken. Aisya? Sorry dear, no cakes or any solid food for that matter... just her usual liquid food (see pic above).

Big brother Syazwan, enjoying his drumstick.

And the t-shirts? They fit Aisya just fine!

You can read more about the visit and updates on Aisya at Daphne's blog.

But wait, there's another thing I wish to highlight. Yesterday we also found out that Aisya's a big fan of................. ready for this?

M A W I !!!!! (world!)

According to Hayati, since Aisya was younger, she always seem to love listening to Mawi's voice. Well, she can't see, so she can't be going ga-ga over his looks, right? At first I thought maybe there was one particular song she loved. But no, Hayati says Aisya had been a fan of Mawi since his Akademi Fantasia days, it didn't matter what song he sang. And whenever Aisya cries, if suddenly she hears Mawi sing ANY song, she'd stop crying. Oh wow...

I'm not a fan of Mawi, but hey, since Aisya loves him so much, maybe for Aisya's 5th birthday, we can put Mawi in a big box, tie a ribbon around it and send the box over to Aisya?


Oii, who threw that rotten egg?!


Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Pi,
I'm going to link your post to mine! Anyway, forget the change lar...Aiya! See ya round!

Pi Bani said...

Yo Daph! See ya when I see ya...

J.T. said...

Happy Birthday Aisya!

That was a nice thing that you and Daphne did for the family.

As mentioned in Daphne's blog, KFC always works for kids. In fact, I bet most adults love it too. Now I am hungry thinking about KFC.

So happy to see that Aisya is doing better and that the family's getting on well.

Pi Bani said...

You are always hungry when people talk about food... :)

Daphne has been doing a wonderful job not just with Aisya and her darling Chee Keong, but with some others as well.

And what was I doing when I was 21???

Anonymous said...

Dearest Pi,

Ha, I yang baling telur tuh...boleh?

Happy bday aisya... god bless you

Pi Bani said...

Oh so it was you who threw the egg, eh? Balik holiday terus baling telur busuk kat orang ye...

Mat Salo said...

Agree, Pi, Daphne is so "socially aware" for someone so young.. (CK, Aisya, and others).

I come here humbled. By her, by you.

Oh yes, Happy Birthday Aisya!

Unknown said...

Hi Pi,

I dah wish Aisya on Daphne's blog, but there's no rule for a second wish kan? So here goes..'Happy Birtday' Aisya.

You and Daphne are big hearted indeed. What a great gesture bring such nice cheer to the family.

Boy! THat is amazing, that is incredible, as to how a child so young to be taken to a singer that way...MAWI pulak tu...yeah! MAWI world...tu betul2 Itak faham...'world' tu. But Aisya loves MAWI, hopefully someone who can connect MAWI to her, do something about it and that would be nice kan?

J.T. said...

Hey Pi,

I am always craving food that Malaysians talk about because I cannot get it here. sob, sob

Once I am back in Malaysia (for holiday), I will stuff myself every day. :)

Pi Bani said...

Mat Salo,
The difference between Daphne and many young people (and even the old ones) out there is that she not only dreams, she carries out the job as well.

If only there are more people like her... young or old...

Pi Bani said...

I don't understand the 'world' thing either, but Aisya simply loves Mawi. Both Daphne and I thought we should just highlight this in our blogs... who knows... someone out there reading our blogs can do something about it. It will mean the world to Aisya if she can 'meet' Mawi in person.

Pi Bani said...

Hmmm... your tummy got enough space or not to stuff all the food when you're back here for your holidays?

Unknown said...

Hi Pi,

World ke, village ke, moon ke, takpe lah Pi. What counts now is Aisya's happiness. I think someone is connecting with someone to rtealise Aisya's dream...maybe I read it at Daphne's. Lovely that. Touching..touching...keep up your good work babe.

Pi Bani said...

Yes K.Ruby, I do hope Aisya's dream will be realised. Mana tau, lepas tu keluar Mawi's latest hit song pulak... titled "Aisya"... goodbye lah Saliha...