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Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Award

I received an award recently.

I'd like to thank my abah, my mak, my adik-beradik, my kakak-berakak, my abang-berabang, my atok, my opah, my tok sedara, my opah sedara, my pak-pak and mak-mak sedara, my cikgu sekolah, my kawan-kawan, my memanda menteri, my hulubalang-hulubalang semua...

Laahai... Pi Bani dok menang award apa pulak ni?!

Woman of the year? (Ish, sekadar nak berangan pun tak layak)

Pelakon terbaik? (Haa... kalau sekadar jadi pelakon extra tukang pegang tombak je pun entah berapa kali tuan director suruh CUT agaknya...)

Penyanyi terbaik? (Oh well, the frogs sing better than I do! Kedek, kedek, ONG!)

OK lah, let's cut the craps and go straight to the point lah.

Actually Naz named me as one of the recipients of this award...


It's an award which doesn't come with any prize money (sigh!) but instead comes with some set of rules. In other words, it's a tag disguised as an award. (cakap je lah terus terang...) Senang cakap, it's some sort of multi-level marketing. At first I wanted to postpone doing this, but then I figured might as well get this over and done with. Lama sangat hutang nanti kena interest tinggi!

The first set of rules: State 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.

Well, yeah, Naz did mention to the 10 recipients to feel free to skip this part. Dia takut pecah tembelang apa-apa kot. Now that I am responding to the award/tag, I am NOT going to skip this part. So here are 5 facts about Naz:

1. She's a northerner. She hails from a state north of Malaysia and now stays in a country north of Europe.

2. She's the incurable juggler - voluntary and involuntary - who crosses the street to walk in the sunshine. (hahaha! Cut and paste babe, apa susah?)

3. Her interests include anthropology, linguistics, travel and photography. (chuckle! Guess where I got that from?)

4. She loves foreign (hollywood and bollywood-free) movies. (hehehe, this is darn easy!)

5. She has another blog by the name of Dapur Serenity which is open only to invited readers.

OK, first part easily done. (Work smart, not hard, okay people?)

Now for the second set of rules: Each blogger must mention 10 facts about themselves or their hobbies before choosing the next 10 recipients.

Okay, I've done another tag before this where I had to state 15 random facts about myself. So here's a special offer for you - if you'd like to know 10 facts about myself, please click here and you'll get a bonus of 5 more.

(Hehehehe... work smart people... work smart, not hard!)

Finally, the third set of rules: Choose 10 recipients and describe them.

Although I don't usually name anyone when responding to tags, this time I will. I will have to choose 2 groups of people. The first group are those who tagged me before (it's payback time!). And the second group will have to be a few regulars to this blog or blogs I frequent to, even though they may not visit mine. MARI KITA TENGOK SIAPA YANG KENA!

1. Kak Teh - She gave me the Thinking Blogger award during my earlier blogging days and last year she tagged me for the cringe moments tag. No need to describe Kak Teh lah... she is already "fofular" di alam blogosphere.

2. Raden Galoh - Ahh, the bouncing cancer survivor who deserves this award very much! And the award comes in pink ribbon... very sesuai gitu...

3. Typhoon Sue - Someone who moves around like a typhoon, and sues people while at it. Errr no-lah, kang tak pasal je kena saman! Sue's a lawyer who blogs to express whatever's in her mind.

4. Pak Zawi - here's one guy who needs to be roped in to be Kelantan's tourism ambassador - he's good at it! Right now he's touring Europe though...

5. Kerp - A die-hard Arsenal fan who fights for the rights of OKUs.

6. Mamasita - The mak datin from Kuantan yang baru belajar pakai pario. (muahaha! Jangan marah kak... nanti terlucut kain...)

7. Yvonne Foong - Yvonne probably doesn't follow my blog, but I'm naming her as a recipient of this award as I find her truly remarkable and admirable.

8. Mat Cendana - the title of his blog, Recovery From Drug Addiction, is good enough to describe him. And oh, he writes well too!

9. Akmal - A medic student who loves photography.

10. ___________ - I shall leave the last one blank. This final award is dedicated to ALL bloggers out there - because you are an AMAZING lot!

I wish I can name Pak Malim and Mekyam, but they don't have blogs. So to these two, nanti later we try to come up with Anugerah Khas Juri untuk Kaki Komen Terbaik ya?

So, Naz, itu hutang dalam buku tiga lima boleh cancel sekarang ok?



Kama said...

Heheheh Pi, how can I top you like this? Baiiikk punya entry!

Akmal said...

well deserved award! :D

mekyam said...

brilliant! :D

esp the blurb on sue. can wait to read the typhoon's response. hahaha!

p.s. i think Pak Malim wins the Anugerah Khas Juri untuk Kaki Komen Terbaik hands-down. i mean paws-down. his lyrical factor alone defies CATegory!

mamasita said...

Pi..I love you very much and you're one of my favourites! Thank you so much!

However, bukan I tak sporting tapi I tak boleh accept this award. Berat sangat trophy..kain pario I terlondeh dah! hahaha

There are so many2 beautiful hearted and very wonderful bloggers yang lebih deserving than many many!

And with a thousand humble apologies to you..I am honoured and very flattered tapi tersembam I pikul award ni!

I love you with all my heart and your very special friendship is the only trophy I'll accept from you dearest Pi!

Naz said...

Kak Pi,
OK, no compound interest for you!
But, maaaaan, this one is an entry with a helluva WINK...haha!
Caya la, Kak Pi....sporting!

Pi Bani said...

Lekas, lekas respond to Naz's award. Nak baca your award-winning speech pulak... :)

Well deserved or not, different story. Awak tu jangan lupa respond ok? Bukan senang nak dapat award/tag dari Kak Pi tau?

Pi Bani said...

Jangan Sue sue I suedahlah... :)

And Pak Malim kalau menang award, his winning speech sure penuh pantun - dari pantun 4 kerat, 2 kerat, sekerat... semua ada!

Pi Bani said...

No sweat lah! Yes, I understand, mana you nak pegang trophy lagi... nak pegang pario lagi... bukan kerja senang tu kan? Hehehe...

Tapi tak payah le humble benor... considering you started your blog not too long ago, you've got quite a following you know. So, although you tak nak award ni, you still deserve it ok?

Pi Bani said...

Thanks for the opportunity for me to merepek and merapu (macam le tak pernah buat sebelum ni!). It helps to de-stress! That said, I am still not an ardent fan of tags ok?

Naz said...

Kak Pi,
Apa? You nak buat tag lagi? Oiiii kawan kawan, Kak Pi nak kena tagged lagi! Mari ... mari... berikan dia banyak banyak tag untuk dibuat!

(I'm not a fan either but semangat sporting tu memang ada)

Pi Bani said...

Next time kalau kena lagi, I nak kena tukar strategi pulak. Strategi apa? Biarlah rahsia... ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


but i'm totally done with football la Kak Pi...

that is until next season commences, ofcos...hehehehe...

Pi Bani said...

Ha, sementara you're temporarily done with football ni, respond dulu lah to this award. Bagilah winning speech sikit...

Mat Salo said...

ha ha ha, klakaw...