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Saturday, 17 May 2008

International AIDS Memorial Day 2008

International AIDS Memorial Day (IAMD) is on the 3rd Sunday of May each year. So this year, which is also its 25th anniversary, it will be on the 18th of May. The theme for this year is NEVER GIVE UP NEVER FORGET.

This annual international event, is meant to remember all those affected directly and indirectly by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and provide an opportunity for solidarity and resolve in the challenge against HIV/AIDS.

During last year's IAMD (21st May 2007), I attended the event organised by Malaysian AIDS Council in KL (for this year MAC's event will be on 31st May), only to come back to Ipoh to find out that one of my clients, Lily, had just passed away.

Anyway, for the first time, Buddies of Ipoh will be organizing an event to commemorate IAMD. Nothing on big scale since we don’t really have the manpower, but at least for a start we are organizing an HIV/AIDS awareness exhibition on 18th May 2008, together with the Perak Family Health Association.

So this Sunday I will be at Ipoh Parade for the exhibition. Will report more on that later…


Kak Teh said...

Pi Bani, Go!Go! Go! And we will walk with you in remembering those who have fallen victim to this disease.

Pi Bani said...

Kak Teh,
Am imagining you jadi cheerleader shouting Go! Go! Go!

Bersemangat sikit gi exhibition tadi... ;)

U.Lee said...

Hello Pi Bani, aha, you'll be at Ipoh Parade? Bukan padang? Mana tempat ni?
Okay, I'll bring my camera...take your pictures, jangan lupa pakai bunga on your left ear, ha ha.
Keep well Pi Bani, and stay beautiful, Lee.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, at least you guys will be organising the state-level IAMD celebration right? thats really great. all the best to all the Ipoh Buddies!

Pi Bani said...

Ipoh Parade is the Ipoh equivalent of Subang Parade... not at the padang lah. One end facing the road leading to the famous roundabout near MB's house while the other end facing Greentown. And Greentown now is nothing at all like the Greentown that used to be - I don't think you'd recognise the place... it's no longer green!!

Pi Bani said...

Amboi, besar benar bunyinya tu... state level IAMD...

OK lah, at least we should give ourselves a pat for at least organising something for this year's IAMD kan?