THEY WILL ASK thee as to what they should spend on others. Say: "Whatever of your wealth you spend shall [first] be for your parents, and for the near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, verily, God has full knowledge thereof." - Al-Baqarah (2:215)

Monday, 17 December 2007

New number, lost phone and Annual Dinner...

I was in front of my home PC on Saturday morning trying to update the Buddies’ monthly accounts (I’m the treasurer) when I heard the SMS tone on my phone. Had a look, and the message read, “Kak, ini nombor baru saya.”

Huh? It’s someone’s new phone number, and I was supposed to automatically know whose number it was? HELLO???!!

I knew it couldn’t be any of my friends or relatives – the sentence simply didn’t sound like it came from any of them. It had to be one of my PLWHA clients… but which one? Fuzi? Maria? Hana? Yah? Jah? Shila? Ifa? Nuri? Ani? Mrs. K? It could have been any one of them!

So I sent a short reply to the message – “Siapa ni?”

A few minutes later, a call came in from that same number. No James Bond ring tone as the number had not been registered in my hand phone yet.

“Saya lah kak!” was what the caller said when I answered the call. Again no names mentioned, but the moment I heard her voice, I knew it was Yah. The tone in which she said “Saya lah kak” was like implying that… takkan itu pun tak tahu! When I asked her how I was supposed to know who sent the SMS without her mentioning her name, she just kept quiet. Maybe she thought she was the only person in the world who had ever sent me any SMS. Duh!

We didn’t talk much as Yah said she was on her way somewhere to attend a kenduri. So I don’t really know why she changed her phone number. I hope it was because she was trying to forget Mr. Darling and she was making sure Mr. Darling would not be able to contact her when and if she succeeds in forgetting him. (well, I can always hope!)

About half an hour later, another call came in on my hand phone. It was from a fixed line somewhere up north. To my surprise, I heard the same voice on the phone. It was Yah again. This time she was asking me for HER new number. HUH??! Biar betul perempuan ni…

Apparently when she called me earlier, she was in a taxi. She then LEFT her hand phone in the taxi (Still thinking of Mr. Darling maybe?). Since it was a new number which she had yet to remember, she asked me for the number. I guess I was the only person which she had given the number to. Yah was actually hoping to call that number, get the taxi driver to answer the call and eventually return the phone to her.

Frankly, I don’t know if Yah managed to get her phone back. I’ll just have to wait until her next call.

Anyway, Buddies had our Annual Dinner on Saturday night. Oh, nothing fancy. Just a simple dinner at a halal Chinese restaurant in Ipoh. There are not many of us anyway, so we just booked two tables. We always love any excuses to gather and makan-makan, so the year-end annual dinner is one of the items in our must-do list.

Nothing formal… everyone came just as casual as ever, had some good food and made lots of noise. I forgot to take any photos when the food was served, so the only photos available here are the ones before anything was served, half way through dinner and after the food was finished by the hungry piranhas at the next table. (My tablemates did not eat so much – so we sent over the leftovers at our table to the next table where all the big eaters were!)

Posing before dinner was served.
The food... halfway thru dinner.

They may not look like big eaters, but these are the piranhas!


Oh, if you're trying to look for me in any of the pics, well, I was BEHIND the camera...

Anyway, the annual dinner was our last fellowship activity for the year. As for my own activity for this year, there is something I have yet to do… I haven’t gone shopping for the children’s schooling needs yet. HEYELP!!!


kina said...

kak Pi,

Gud Luck with the school shopping, I just finished mine... phewwww!! Legaaaaa... The qs were just superb! for the changing rooms, for the cashiers, aiyooo can drive me crazy, i tell ya!

You can do it during the weekdays la not so many ppl. Or else you kena bawak proxy to q at the cashiers. kekekekeeee

I only have the books to buy now, that wud not be so bad!

Selamat Maju Jaya, dan Majulah Kak Pi untuk Semua!

Laungkan slogan " Kak Pi Boleh!!"

Rita Ho said...

Alamak! Pi ... I shouldn't have come here in the wee hours of the morning. Hungry already looking at the left-overs and your buddies happily eating away. Slurrrppp!

I know I shouldn't laugh at Yah's hopefully temporary lack of focus but the way you write about her is just too funny! I hope she finds her new phone, though.

Pi Bani said...

Kena tunggu after Christmas lah kot baru bawak budak-budak tu gi shopping. Yeah, got to go during a weekday. Otherwise tak terbuat I... hopefully those outside Ipoh, their mothers can afford to use their money first and then I reimburse them later. Kalau semua nak tunggu I jugak bawak gi shopping, rasanya tak sempat!

Errr... yang dok laung slogan Kak Pi Boleh tu... boleh apa? Boleh blah? ;)

Pi Bani said...

Had your breakfast yet? Never mind, your next trip back here you can stop drooling and eat all you want!

And yeah, Yah better get more focussed in her life before she drives me crazy...

PrincessJournals said...

so many makan activities lately ye Pi!
story Yah tu, boleh buat drama minggu ini. i agree w Rita, bila baca abt her memang rasa marah but the way u cerita jadi kelakar lah pulak. heheh.

Pi Bani said...

Have to cerita about Yah in a kelakar way lah, otherwise nanti I terover marah pulak. Nak kena cool lah sikit kan? ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hihi...cik Yah seems to be the hottest subject in this blog. i simply knew it was her by just reading the first para.

anyway lets just hope she manage to retrieve her phone from the cabby... the mean time, if you'll excuse me, need to get back to the main page and sing my lungs out...


Pi Bani said...

Ah, so it was you who sang along with the various artistes... no wonder lah suddenly I dengar macam sumbang je... ;)

Anyway yeah, Yah does seem to be the hot topic of late. Ever since she started going angau, she's been driving me up the wall. If this goes on, soon I pun boleh jadi spiderwoman lah!!

IBU said...

Kak Pi,

Marathon catch up reading all your latest entries.

Yah Ah Ngau episodes deserve a slot in Kisah Benar!

Happy shopping ! (happy ke shopping? )

p/s. Abg you ex-boss I tu dah selamat bertolak ke tanah suci ker?

Pi Bani said...

Masuk slot "Kisah benar" or "Dilemma Wanita"? I wonder what Dr Fadilah Kamsah would advise for Yah's case...

Ex-boss you flew off last Tuesday. Sampai airport Jeddah terus dapat SMS kata dah sampai. Now tengah wukuf pun because they celebrate Raya Haji on 19th.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to you.