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Friday, 4 April 2008

My new client

It has been quite some time since I was last assigned a client from our contacts at the HIV clinic. Yes, I became Lin’s buddy at the beginning of this year, but that was not an assignment from the HIV clinic. Lin was the one who called me based on the number she got on our brochure. Being one of the volunteers with the most number of clients already assigned, the HIV clinic volunteers if possible would try their best not to assign new clients to me. Furthermore, we now do have another female Malay volunteer in our organization. So if any client specifically request for a female Malay volunteer, they can always assign this other volunteer.

As I mentioned in my early postings, usually we’d assign a buddy whom we feel would be the most "compatible" with the client - depending on their background, the neighborhood they live in, and whatever other relevant info. If say a Malay client specifically mentioned she didn’t want a Malay buddy (like Miera), we’d assign her a non-Malay buddy. We always ask them first.

I have just been assigned a new client this week. Hmmm… after my explanation in the first paragraph, you may wonder why I am being assigned a new client this time. Well, this new client is a Malay lady in her 50’s – and uhh, the other female Malay volunteer we have is much younger. So they assigned ME to be this lady's buddy. What does that imply? Oh, never mind!

Anyway, at least now I have a client whom I can call Kak instead of the other way round for all my other clients. Kak Som has been widowed since 12 years ago. She has 3 grown children (the youngest already in her twenties) and all of them know about her HIV.

Kak Som only knew about her HIV about a week ago. So, understandably, she’s still quite shocked and upset. She doesn’t even know how she got infected… maybe, just maybe, it came from her late husband. She did mention that her late husband used to take drugs, but he wasn’t IVDU. Or at least, she thinks he wasn’t IVDU. When they are already addicted, anything can happen.

But her husband died 12 years ago, could she really have been infected by him? Well, it’s possible. Based on her CD4 count, which is only 24, she was probably infected many years ago without knowing. Well, without any blood tests, she wouldn’t know. She only found out about her HIV when she was diagnosed with TB recently, and blood tests showed she was HIV positive. Kak Som was on a wheelchair when she came for her appointment this week.

I got the above info from a copy of the contact report written by one of the volunteers on duty during this week’s HIV clinic. The contact report also mentioned that she seemed quiet and very sad.

I haven’t personally spoken to Kak Som yet. She just met our volunteers on Wednesday. I don’t want to move in too fast. So I think I will call her next week...


Queen Of The House said...

Pi, re my comment in the previous entry .. of course it's only valid if the other witness is a Malaysian.

Kak Som tu sedih lah kot ... dah lah lama tiada suami, tiba2 she's sprung with this shocking news ...

Pi Bani said...

Re your comment in my previous posting, I doubt the other witness would want to come for the court case unless berupah especially since he stays in Kelantan. Hidup lagi ke tidak pun we all tak tau. I spoke to the lawyer she said she can arrange for surat akuan bersumpah or something to that effect lah.

As for Kak Som, frankly I wonder what goes on in her mind. And I wonder how her children are taking this. Tough for the whole family I'm sure.

Typhoon Sue said...

It's even harder for someone to accept their HIV status when they know they have not done anything to be capable of being exposed to HIV. They are the actual victims compared to the ones who live dangerously.

someone I knew had a mom who died of AIDS. The sad thing is, she never knew how she got it and even in her deathbed, she was wondering out loud, "Macamana Mak boleh dapat AIDS..?"

It was heartbreaking just hearing the story.

My heart goes out to kak som

Typhoon Sue said...

i just read the ur previous post. Since u have the witness' IC no, IC search can be done at Jabatan Pendaftaran at a fee of only RM5 or RM10, the guy's fee of RM200 is cekik darah giler punya

Pi Bani said...

Typhoon Sue:
Exactly, when we think we are in no danger of being infected, then suddenly we find out we are, the shock is even greater than to those who live dangerously. That's when they start asking questions like "apa salah aku?" or something to that effect. Heartbreaking indeed.

As for the RM200 asked by the scumbag, I figured it was too much. Bukannya dia tak tau Fuzi tu orang susah. Hish!

U.Lee said...

Hello Pi bani, Holy Smoke! Saya terperanjat big time when I kliked into your blog.
Suddenly I heard music and quickly looked around wondering how come, where the music coming from? Thought my TV naik angin come on by itself then realised its from your blog, ha ha.
Would you believe, past year or so since you and I have been having dates, *wink* here, my previous jurassic never played anything, it can't! Thats how jurassic it was, ha ha.
this apple?
The only thing it can't do is take a shower, ha ha.
I read thru your this comment...ohhh, you have new clients now, huh?
But I guess its fun meeting, getting to now new people, I too enjoy meet new people.
Hey! I enlarged your lovely profile fooling around with an eagle?
Betul punya ke atau stuffed one? Ha ha.
And Pi Bani, you sure one attractive lady, *wink*..bila kita boleh pergi Taiping Lake gardens, lean on the bridge and I lepas handbrake with my pantuns? Arhaaa ha ha.
You stay easy, Pi Bani and have a nice weekend, Lee.
ps, no nid to ask me what I'll be doing this weekend, ha ha. Lee.

Pi Bani said...

That profile pic taken during my recent trip to Langkawi. Real life eagle lah... but very tame and trained eagle. Otherwise I also tak berani!

Yep, I know what you will be doing this weekend... still honeymooning with your new girlfriend!

MarinaM said...

Hi Pi, long time no comment. Sorry,been busy. But thought of you today because I had lunch with a whole bunch (gaggle?)of bloggers including Raden Galoh, Elviza, Jacqui so thought I'd say hello. Still doing a great job I see.

Hope to catch up with you some time, now that AIDS Memorial Day is coming up again.

Take care!

Pi Bani said...

Yep, Mat Salo invited me to the "illegal gathering" as well... :) but too bad I can't make it this week.

Hope to catch up with you one of these days.

U.Lee said...

Hi Pi Bani, your blog post music buat saya terperanjat.
But it sure gave me an idea....and my new sweetheart can do it, my old one can't.
Drop in and tell me what you think. Lee.