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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Fuzi's unending problems...

Yesterday my friend brought his carpenter friend to Fuzi’s house to check on the repair works that need to be done to her house door. I had told him earlier to get the quotation to get the door fixed so I can get donors willing to sponsor the repair works.

I got a shock when my friend called telling me that the charges (AFTER discount!) is RM5,500 including some repairs to the leaking ceilings. (I guess that puts Fuzi’s house at the same standard as many new government buildings with ceiling bocor everywhere??!) I immediately asked my friend to get the carpenter to give a detailed breakdown of what the charges are for.

Later when I attended my group meeting (to discuss on our PLWHA clients’ progress) I was given the details. At the very top of the piece of paper was written:

8 doors (kayu nyatoh) = RM5,000

Hah? EIGHT doors??! Weyy! I asked them to repair the front door; they want to repair the whole house? Maybe adding the side door is acceptable enough since it is directly accessible from outside and it may need repairs… but replacing every door in the house including the bathroom door, toilet door and bedroom doors? All nyatoh some more?! Whoa…. Ini sudah lebih… even I use PVC or zinc door for my bathroom and toilet! Much cheaper definitely.

The additional RM500 is for the ceiling repairs (which is necessary because one of the ceilings actually fell down, hitting Fuzi’s 10 year old son, resulting in the boy receiving a few stitches to his head).

I told my friend to get even a more detailed quotation (stating how much is needed for each single work to be done instead of having a lump sum for all the doors in the house) and I will choose from the list only the necessary ones. I already have a donor willing to sponsor the front door but that doesn’t mean we can take advantage of the donor!

Anyway, through a fellow volunteer, I was introduced to a lawyer willing to help out with Fuzi’s marriage cert case. Since I promised to fetch Fuzi at home today to bring her to see the lawyer, I decided to check for myself the many doors the carpenter wanted to replace. I suppose he considers the front door as 2 doors (the wide kind), one kitchen door which is never opened, one side door (their main in/out passage), one bathroom door, one toilet door, and 2 bedroom doors. Fuzi said this guy asked to see all doors, so she showed all. Even she mentioned that the doors inside the house need not be repaired/replaced (what more all with nyatoh!), just the front and side doors. So I shall just stick to that, plus the ceiling repairs.

Back to the marriage cert case, I finally brought Fuzi to meet up with the lawyer. Fuzi even has more problems now since the one witness she is in touch with is NOT WILLING to attend the hearing. At first when Fuzi went to see him, he did seem a bit reluctant and gave all sorts of excuses but Fuzi begged him and told him she’d reimburse him with some money. He then said maybe. I guess after talking it over with his family, he decided he didn’t want to get involved. So he called Fuzi and told her so.

We explained the whole story to the lawyer today. She advised that Fuzi explain to the court about the unwillingness of the witness to cooperate and to ask the court to subpoena him. Actually Fuzi is afraid that if she does that, the witness’ family may attack her (verbally lah) at home. As for the other witness, according to this lawyer, Fuzi should just explain that she doesn’t even know who this other witness is. After all, the akad nikah was way back in 1994. The lawyer taught Fuzi what to say etc when she attends the hearing at the end of this month.

During the discussion, the main reason Fuzi had to go through all the hassle was explained to the lawyer. Fuzi’s daughter wanted to do her MyKad and despite her birth cert clearly stating the father’s status and citizenship, and clearly stating too that the child’s citizenship being Malaysian, JPN requested her to fill in a form to confirm that this girl is indeed Malaysian. For that they wanted Fuzi to produce the marriage cert to them, and that’s why Fuzi needs to legalize the marriage cert first.

According to the lawyer, by right with the birth cert clearly indicating her citizenship, Fuzi’s daughter need not fill in the form to confirm the status of her citizenship. So what the lawyer is going to do is, whenever she’s free she will go to JPN and ask them why the need for the confirmation of citizenship status, and if JPN still insists it is still needed, she will ask them to SHOW her which ruling says so.

If this JPN matter can be settled, then there is no urgency for Fuzi to get her marriage cert legalized. As a matter of fact, it may not be necessary at all… except maybe to enable Fuzi to apply for PR status. (Now she has to renew her visa on yearly basis.)

I hope everything will end well… I pening already don’t know how else to help Fuzi and the kids.


Salt & Turmeric said...

ish ish ish. sampai 5.5k? apa giler ke mamat tu? mentang2 lah Pi cakap ada donor, terus nak cekik darah. and as ud expected, of course tht wud make me naik darah. lol.

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak,

Thankfully, now she got real legal help. Hope the JPN thingy will be settled.

As for the door thingy...ya..have a break down on what it consist of.

Pi Bani said...

Farina garam kunyit :-)
You bet I memang dah agak your blood mesti go upstairs punya...

Yang bestnya tu the RM5.5k tu is AFTER discount. Discount kepala hotak dia lah!

Pi Bani said...

Yes, hopefully the JPN can be settled without the marriage cert. My main concern now is the children. Susahlah if they don't get their MyKad.

Typhoon Sue said...

uih... kayu nyatoh lagi... baik pasang grill terus, lagi safe.

Pi Bani said...

Typhoon Sue:
Tu lah pasal... lebih-lebih pulak diorang ni!

kina said...

woohooo, pintu nyatoh lagik...

takkan la pintu toilet pun pintu nyatoh ek? otak kat lutut tul la mamat nih...

pintu PVC yang lipat lipat tu RM70 satu set. itu harga kat rawang la, maybe kat Ipoh murah sket la agaknya.

Harapnya Fuzi will be able to settle the status of the child tu. That also had cost her a bomb.

Pi Bani said...

Yang NYAta... dengan NYAtoh dia nampak more $$$$$$$$$$$.

I've got my friend to get his friend to kira balik everything by giving more options and giving me more details... after this guy dah letak his otak at the proper place lah... :)

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Pi,

Whoa...Yeah lar...Doors are expensive...We changed our bathroom doors a few years back, and I think it was about RM 400 per door (wood, but I don't know what kind)...

But you're right...The main thing is to change the ceiling, and then the front door (and back), and the rest of the doors can worry later...Yang penting, orang tak masuk rumah, right?

As for the witness, tak boleh subpoena or summon the witness to court, ke?

As for the rest of the problems, I baca pun dah lah pening...=S

Will keep in touch about 22/4, by the way...=)

Pi Bani said...

Memanglah wood now very mahal no matter what type. But suggesting to change every single door in the house with nyatoh is ridiculous!

As for the witness, yes, can subpoena, but that will also mean the case will be postponed again and again until the witness appears in court.

Re 22/4, I will have to drag you along to MAC for a while to get some materials for our HIV/AIDS exhibition next month - then only I bring you for MRT. Can ah?

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Pi,

Can! Apa pun boleh!

But I still need to make some arrangements and stuff before I confirm my big, fat butt in your car, ok?

But thanks for agreeing to lug me along =)

Rita Ho said...

Hey Pi ... Putting up expensive doors is just going to attract more break-ins for Fuzi. Sue is right. An ordinary door with attached grill is much safer. And, that crocodile contractor needs to be kicked out the door (pun intended). He might decide to put up shoddy workmanship since his ketuk plan didn't work. I would use his breakdown details and approach someone else for a quote. Often, these suppliers take advantage when they think we don't know enough. Sigh. Malaysia desperately needs a consumer protection policy.

I hope Fuzi gets a break real soon. Things are just pouring on her. :(

Rita Ho said...

Oooops! I meant a break in the downpours for Fuzi. Now you know why I am banging my head, Pi??

Pi Bani said...

You'd better try your very best to make sure your bfb (big fat butt... hehehe...) gets into my car on that day... ramai "peminat" want to meet you...

Pi Bani said...

Actually my friend didn't tell the contractor that Fuzi's a single mom who doesn't earn much. He thought Fuzi's husband would be paying for everything. Now he knows that Fuzi's a single mom and not earning much, he will re-do the quotation.

I am now imagining your head all bengkak - what with the non-stop banging!!