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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Elections

Elections? Hmm… I didn’t touch anything on the general elections before this when so many other bloggers did so. As I mentioned before, I hate politics. As such I prefer my blog to stay out of politics.

So, why am I now blogging about the elections, 11 days after the 12th General Elections are over?

To those who clicked on the link to this posting expecting to read my take on the recent general elections, sorry folks, wrong blog!

I am not talking about the General Elections. I am talking about a different kind of elections.

For this particular election, we don’t have campaigns. We don’t have posters. We don’t fight to get elected. We instead fight NOT to get elected.

Yep, I am talking about my NGO’s election of new office bearers.

We had our AGM last night, and as usual, after the presentation and adoption of the various reports from the previous office bearers; were the election of the new office bearers.

Being a low-profile NGO with such a small number of members, our election of the new office bearers was such a simple affair.

“I nominate so and so.”
“I second.”
“I propose nomination closed.”
“I second.”

It was nominate-second-close-second, nominate-second-close-second. We didn’t have to vote for a single post. As a matter of fact we had to beg people to be in the committee. Obviously we're in dire need of more volunteers to join the organisation!

Our members if possible would prefer to stay out of the committee to avoid the extra work other than the voluntary support service for our PLWHA clients. We're all working people with other commitments and so additional responsibilites to our voluntary work may be quite taxing for some of us. The only post which we wouldn't mind accepting is probably just for the post of honorary auditor who is only required to audit (definition of “audit” will depend on whether the auditor actually bothers to go through all the documents) and sign the financial reports prepared by the treasurer at the end of every term to be presented during the next AGM.

I was the treasurer for the last term. By the time I prepared the financial report for the year ended December 2007 and called the honorary auditor to check and sign the statements, she actually FORGOT she was THE auditor!!

“Ha? I’m the auditor aaa?”

Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo, aiyo…

Well, the committee elections are over now. I am no longer the treasurer. YEE HAR!!

Time to rejoice? Well, not really.

I am now…


Aww shucks!!

Well, since the next board meeting is due next Tuesday night, I reminded the newly elected office bearers about the meeting. The reminder came with a threat…

Those who fail to attend the meeting will be nominated as the next chairperson! Hehehe… (Don’t go using this kind of threat against politicians ye hear?!)

Before I assume my post as the chairperson, it’s time to take a break – from both office and voluntary work. Call it perfect timing or what… it’s time for the annual company-sponsored trip for my office staff. (Just a small group lah… my office got few staff only meh!) Last year we went for a 2D/1N trip to Genting Highlands. This year it’ll be a 3D/2N trip to Langkawi.

So I will be away and offline these next few days.

Langkawi, here I come!


I don't think I'd be basking under the sun at any of the beaches, so if you happen to be in Langkawi over the next few days and you so happen to bump into a dugong look-alike, that won't be me! Errr... duyong? Jauh sekali...


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaa...Kak Pi naik pangkat without resorting to money-politics...hehehe!

enjoy your break, akka.

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak,

Naik pangkat eh...:)

Enjoy ur holiday.

Pi Bani said...

Kerp & Nightwing:
I don't call this "naik pangkat". I call it "tambah beban".

Ah, I do need the break, don't I?

Hi&Lo said...

Pi Bani,

Happy Holiday.

ninuk said...

ha ha ha ... on one election semua berebut nak dicalonkan.
on another tak de pilihan lain, semua kena dicalonkan.

good luck.

Rita Ho said...

Hey Pi!! A blast from your recent past here ... hehehe! Actually, I have been reading but not commenting, takut my "bad foot" mood accidentally spill over.

Congratulations on being made The Chair and Happy Holidaying in Langkawi! I had a wonderful time there last year, met many local people who were friendly, helpful and fun to be with.

Don't forget those sexy sunglasses. :)

ms hart said...

Kak Pi, i can imagine you as the madame chair...!!! Mesti exco selalu kena control senyum...nak gelak tapi takut, sebab madame chair macam garang; nak serious, tak tahan pulak sebab madame chair memang selamba kelakar!!! geliru, geliru...(ini favourite word Mrs remember her?)

elara said...

Congrats Puan. Although no monetary gain for being a chair person, you'll have your rewards from Allah swt insyallah.

nyonyapenang said...

woaahh...Langkawi got 'duyung'! hehheeee..
Have a blast!

Farina said...

Madam Chairperson, selamat bercuti!

Pi Bani said...


Tu lah pasal... punyalah tak cukup orang, sampai terpaksa merayu members jadi committee!

Pi Bani said...

Oh yes, the locals in Langkawi were friendly indeed.... and I had a blast in Langkawi.

Actually my NGO members all the gila-gila type, our meetings are never short of laughter. And yes, I do remember Mrs. Hiu alright... never taught me but I remember her as a very garang teacher (garang-er than me, hehe...)

Pi Bani said...

Thanks. InsyaAllah will try my best to do what I can.

Nyonya Penang:
Got, got... got duyung! Nanti I show you picture. :)

Thanks. Dah selamat balik dah pun.