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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Freemarket Kuala Woh 3.0

Freemarket Kuala Woh 3.0? The event must have been organised before this one, right? True, and while I was invited to join 2.0, the event clashed with another freemarket I was organising in Kg Changkat Tin, Tg. Tualang. This time around, I made sure I was available to join Friends of Kuala Woh for 3.0. Thank goodness my NGO (Pertubuhan Wanita Prihatin Perak) had our freemarket just 6 days earlier in Kg Temin, Sg Siput (U), Perak. So yes, I joined 2 freemarket activities within a span of 7 days!

Saturday, 26th November 2016. D-Day. A whatsapp group was set up earlier for Friends of Kuala Woh to enable us to communicate easily with each other. It was agreed that the meet-up point would be at Tapah Toll by 8 am. Being from Ipoh, it didn't take long for me to reach Tapah Toll. Upon arriving at about 7.50 am, I checked my phone for whatsapp messages and noticed at least 2 people saying they were already waiting. But when someone mentioned she'd wait in front of Shell, I was like... huh? Shell? At Tapah Toll? I looked around me, just to be sure there was no Shell station that I didn't know of, and then it dawned on me, they must have been waiting at Tapah R&R instead! But alas, it was still early, and so they had ample time to make it to Tapah Toll on time.

Waiting at Tapah Toll

We had quite a long queue of cars convoying to the freemarket venue. Loads and loads of stuff were brought along to be given away free to the people of Kuala Woh.

Preparations under way

The crowd looking while preparations were under way

Briefing to the kampong folks before the start

And off they go!!

 Free clothes

 Free bags and books

Free toys

Free drinks

Free food

 Free ice-cream

Free groceries

Free sarongs

Free medical check-up

 Free dispensary

Free eye-test and glasses

Free haircut

Free info on Muay Thai

Free organisers. Ooops... not for grabs!

We also had zumba and sewang. The Orang Asli sewang group sportingly joined the zumba, and the freemarketeers sportingly joined the sewang.


Loved seeing the reaction of the kampong folks, especially the children, upon getting the free items.


After lunch, the freemarketeers were treated to a demo and the chance to try out the sumpit (blowpipe).


The event was even covered by TV3.


Some of the freemarketeers then went to visit the Orang Asli kampong.

Overall, the event was a huge success. The kampong folks were happy. The volunteers too were happy. Heartiest congratulations to the organisers, Fernaliz Raja Harris & Wan Irfan Rinezry, and Friends of Kuala Woh! So, when is Freemarket Kuala Woh 4.0?

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Fern said...

Thank you K Pi. Your blog was always something I read and wondered how I can give even a fraction of what you do EVERYDAY. So honoured to get a mention here and have you with us semalam. Keep rocking, K Pi!