THEY WILL ASK thee as to what they should spend on others. Say: "Whatever of your wealth you spend shall [first] be for your parents, and for the near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, verily, God has full knowledge thereof." - Al-Baqarah (2:215)

Friday, 5 February 2010

This and that

Asiah was in Ipoh for her appointment at the hospital yesterday and she called me earlier asking if she could see me as she wanted to pass me the receipts for her children’s fees, workbooks, uniforms etc. Her children had been recipients of our Children Education Fund (CEF) for the past 2 years, and I’d need the receipts to be able to reimburse Asiah. I told her if she’s done at the hospital before 1pm, to come to my office area and call me once she got there.

Asiah called me at 12.30 pm. I went down, looked around and saw Asiah at the nearby mamak restaurant. Hmmm… alone? I went over, and noticed her husband was waiting in the car. It was too hot outside. After getting all the receipts from Asiah, I asked, “Baby mana?”

“Ada dalam kereta. Ha’ah ya, akak tak pernah tengok dia lagi…”

The little boy is about 1 1/2 month old now.

So we went to the car, and yep, there was this little darling… SO CUTE!! Rasa nak cubit-cubit pipinya. But since Asiah’s husband was around, segan le pulak…


We (Buddies) have finally got ourselves a part-time staff at the centre now. Still nobody full time to man the centre, but at least we have made some progress by taking that small step. At least we are now paying someone to make sure all the documents are filed properly and on time and clients particulars are updated regularly. Any admin work we can easily get the part-time staff to do for us. Before this, any reports, letters or whatever paperwork whatsoever depended on the volunteers’ free time, so they had to be “pushed” to get things done. It didn’t feel so right pushing them anyway, since they were doings things on voluntary basis.

Well, the staff came in at just about the right time I must say, since we now need to start compiling our reports for the coming AGM in March. The respective coordinators will still need to write up their own reports, but at least we now have the staff to do the compiling.

Speaking of reports, I’ve done up my reports for the CEF and Sponsorship Programme. I’ve also printed the photos of our activities for last year. All that’s left for me to do now is the Chairman’s report. For that one, belum dapat ilham. Never mind, still got time.


I don’t have any plans for this weekend. Am done with the grocery/bicycle deliveries, and done with visiting my new client. So I think I’ll take a break this weekend and just stay home. Maybe (maybe only lah, kalau rajin) I will just call a few of my other clients whom I have not contacted for some time. I’ve told our part-time staff that she may need to call our volunteers to check on the latest status of our PLHIV clients, so I’d better start getting the updates of my own clients first. Quite a few of them have moved to a new house, or got themselves a new number. If these info are not updated into their files, and someone else has to take over my cases suddenly (mana tau, nak mati bukan boleh tau awal-awal…), it would be quite a problem, wouldn’t it?

So yes Pi, you’d better start updating your clients’ particulars soon!


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Pi,
Segan nak cubit pipi baby? Biar betul?
Anyway, it's true, anyone of us can go tomorrow, even 5 seconds from now. Sebagai peringatan, contact ARB, tulis wasiat. Jangan lupa "hibah" untuk kucing tau? purrrr.....meow!

Pi Bani said...

Segan because baby was in the car with Asiah's hubby la. Kalau Asiah dukung baby tu keluar dari kereta, memang dah kena cubit dah!

Hibah untuk kucing? Kucing takyah hibah lah... hiba cukup... ;)

sherry said...

Hi Che pi..

Dah pi Pasar Tani? hihi..i nak pi ni..nak cari ikan talapia..

mekyam said...

pi, i mcm u gak. everytime i procrastinate abt something i guilt-tripped myself abt how much problem i'd leave people kalau i tetiba crossover [to use the psychic channel puna lingo]... esp my poor hub.

dlm gitu, still got plenty in the terbengkalai tray. *sigh!*

btw, i keep trying to remember asiah's story, tapi tak ingat and i'm too lazy to menggeledah yr older posts to jog my sluggish mem.

sesari nih u kena letak a small cast of characters senarai in your margin lah, gurl. for those yg tak nak makan ginko biloba macam i nih. what u think?

Pi Bani said...

Pergi pasar tani on Saturdays dah memang my routine. Unless of course I have to go elsewhere...

Pi Bani said...

Frankly, since I don't use real names for the characters in my blog, I sendiri pun kadang2 keliru who is who! (looks like I pun tak rajin nak makan ginko...)

Maybe it is a good idea to put a small cast of characters kat side bar. Only problem is, dah too many characters already on my blog, AND nak kena tambah pulak more things to do in my "terbengkalai" tray... ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh but u always remember the notti ones & those that give u a hard time...hehehe.

Just me little Timothy :)

Pi Bani said...

Little Timothy, (how little are u?)
The notti ones & those that give me a hard time are easy to remember because their names crop up in my blog quite often.

The less problematic ones appear less frequently and so I got to check first what names I used for them during their earlier appearances. Once or twice I got it slightly wrong but I don't think anybody noticed... ;)