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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

ZOOming in the zoo...

As promised, here comes some of the photos of the Buddies Family Day in Taiping Zoo on 3rd August. Despite attending only half the day's events, I managed to get quite a lot of photos, but too many to post all here and of course, I can't post photos of the PLWHAs, right?

Welcome to Taiping Zoo...

From the monkey species...

One of the owl species.

All these while I thought I was a lazy bum. Look who's even lazier!

The chimps...

... and the champ!

Coming up next...

Meet the buaya jejulong

The benturongs usually only come out at night. We were lucky they came out of hiding that day for our view.

Ever wondered how the kambing gurun look like? Here's a pair.

Cute little eyes, don't you think?

The group of animals from the African Savannah

Ayoma... TIKUUUSS!! BESAR punya!

From one bear to another: "Aiseh, malunya. Diorang ambik gambar kita lah!"

One of the kids simply plucked a leaf from one of the plants around and threw it to this deer. NGAP! Telan. Senang betul bagi makan.

Me and a 4 month old baby. Baby lion la!
Nope, didn't even attempt to take pictures with the bapak lion. If I did, that would have probably been my last picture.... EVER!

An orang utan and an orang kampong... can you tell which is which?

And finally... an episode from FEAR FACTOR...
Yayy!! I finally did it! I touched a snake with my bare hands!!! Why didn't I put it around my neck? Wei, this one's a hefty 60 kgs lah!


Kak Teh said...

pi bani, ReL last pix with the slimy could you??? I had the shivers looking at it. I can tahan the 4 month old cub - but this? Oh no, thank you.

ms hart said...

Kak Pi!!!!! Jangan kata bapak lion, baby dia pun I dah cukup tabiiiik!!!! And ooohhh... that sssssssss fella!!! Kak Pi!!!! (*tak tau nak kata apa dah!!)

Akmal said...

Waah, very cute 4 month old meat eating little cub! Boleh bawak balik rumah tak? Saya suka kucing. Hehe.

Kerp (Ph.D) said... cute la the orang utan.

i'm quite impressed btw. the first time i came face-to-face with a python, pegang benda tu at the tail
s end, and NEVER will i at the other end!

J.T. said...

OMG Pi!!! ... you touched a snake. Until today, I have not had the courage to be that close to one.

And, for me, that cub is the cutest of all the animals. Quite a huge fellow for 4 months. I am imagining how big it can grow.

If we were allowed to keep lions and tigers at home, I figure the sign "Beware of Cat" will be sold widely at the stores instead of just "Beware of Dog". :)

Pi Bani said...

Kak teh,
Hehe... I knew you'd respond to that picture! I finally overcame my fear. Of couse you can tahan the cub, you love cats, don't you?

Ms Hart,
This baby lion very tame one... dah biasa dengan manusia. Was told even the mother was tame when she was first brought to the zoo. But the bapak lion... it seems dia mengaum boleh dengar 3kms away.

Pi Bani said...

Boleh, boleh, bawaklah balik rumah. Tapi nanti bila the cub membesar, you lah pulak yang kena keluar dari rumah tu... :)

Sekarang I boleh cabar you to hold a python by the head. Hehehe... boleh eksyen le sekarang, dah ada gambar jadi bukti!!

Actually while I was taking photos of others touching the python, that slimy creature kept coming towards me. So, rather than having kepala ular tu menghala kat I, might as hold I hold it to face others kan? ;)

Pi Bani said...

Yes, yes, I finally touched a snake!!

Btw, the cub's actually an African lion. Memang big size. Kecik-kecik cute lah... even the one that I dukung was quite heavy at 4 months old. Imagine if it was 4 years old!

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pi,

Wah! You pi ke Taiping ya? Tu my kampong also lah..but dah zaman tok kadok tak pi Taiping Zoo, not likely in the near future too. I prefer to look at animals via tv..ha ha, 'cept for cats. Last time I saw orang utan was in Singapore Zoo, yup the famous Ah Meng, in flesh & blood then. Sad she's gone now, due to old age.

Woo..I love the cub, soooooo cuuuuute! That might be one reason, if I ever I wanna visit the zoo again. Glad you had fun. So bila ke KL, tinkle2 so we can kopi2 & gossip2 Ok?

Salt N Turmeric said...

Pi, iv never heard of benturong before but bestnya dapat pegang baby lion! tht snake tu, mintak maaf ajelah. once is enough and never again!

Pi Bani said...

Have been commuting Damansara - Putrajaya since Monday, but no time to spare for kopi2 and gossip2 lah... got to take care of my mom. Had her op on Wednesday.

I pun tak tau amende benturong tu until I went to Taiping zoo. Itu pun I was told dia keluar pasal hari hujan. Otherwise, cuma keluar waktu malam. As for the sssssss... hey, it wasn't too bad after all!!

Mat Salo said...

Tabik laa Pi.. alaa tak geli ke? Actually I'm not so geli with ular. I'm more geli with politicians who spout rubbish!

Been a while since I took my boys there. I remember yang enjoy betul dia orang kasi badak tu makan sandwiches... Ada lagi ke hippos tu?

BTW, that must've been a Burmese python kan? Our local species are much harder to tame. Macam orang dia jugak.. :)

Pi Bani said...

Mat Salo,
Actually when we first decided to go to the zoo, someone asked which zoo we were going to. Ada banyak jenis zoo sekarang ni. But since we were bringing children, we figured it was safer to bring them to the zoo with real animals rather than to the other zoo where humans act like animals.

As for the python, bila dah pegang tu hilang pulak rasa geli...

Typhoon Sue said...

gosh... that reminds me that I haven't been to the zoo, any zoo, for sooooo long!

like kakteh, I oso geli geleman tengok that last pix. Eeeeeeiiiiiii!!!!

Pi Bani said...

Hahaha! You also geli-geleman ke? I too geli last time, but bila dah pegang, it wasn't so bad after all. But I only dare pegang the tame ones lah with their penjaga around, jumpa ular lain mana-mana, tak kiralah bisa or not, I dare not go near...