THEY WILL ASK thee as to what they should spend on others. Say: "Whatever of your wealth you spend shall [first] be for your parents, and for the near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, verily, God has full knowledge thereof." - Al-Baqarah (2:215)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Update on Baby K

While I was at the waiting room outside the OT of Putrajaya Hospital, waiting for my mother while she had her knee operation, Mrs K called from a public phone. She was then at IJN taking baby K for her appointment. If you recall in one of my earlier postings, I mentioned about Baby K being diagnosed as having a hole in the heart by the doctors at Ipoh GH, and so she was referred to IJN.

The week before they went to KL, they called to inform me about the appointment. I told them I wouldn’t be around in Ipoh as I would be in KL for quite some time. So the day before they went to KL, I got an SMS from them asking if I was still in KL and if I’d be visiting Baby K at IJN. Also, if Mr and Mrs K could hitch a ride in my car when I go back to Ipoh. I told them I was in KL to take care of my mother who was undergoing a knee operation and as such even if I was going back to Ipoh on the same day as them, I wouldn’t be able to offer them a ride.

It so happened that Baby K’s appointment was on the very same day that my mother had her knee operation. Mrs K called me because she was asked for payment. She only had RM150 in hand but the amount asked for was more than that. She was probably thinking that since I was in KL I’d be able to help her out. Sorry lah, I have my priorities. I told her that IJN has its own welfare body and told her to ask around. Mr K was also with her and so they shouldn’t be depending on me just to ask around. Prior to this I had already sent them a text message telling them what to do and what documents to bring along when they go to IJN. They should at least be a bit more independent to do the asking.

After that call from Mrs K, I set my hand phone on silent mode. I was at a “No Hand Phone” area and so I didn’t want to keep getting unnecessary calls. Later I noticed there was a missed call from the same number which I didn’t answer.

A few days later I got a message from them. They were already back home. Ah, so they survived without my help. Just shows that they could actually handle things if they had to.

Anyway, the message was to inform me that the doctors at IJN had confirmed Baby K’s hole-in-heart. The little girl who is now 1 ½ years old may need to undergo a heart surgery when she’s 4 years old. Meanwhile there will be more follow-ups at IJN from time to time.

I haven’t had the chance to visit them or any of my other clients yet. Although I am back home, my mother still needs supervision and she’s my top priority. Ramadhan is coming soon and I am not sure if I’d be able to do my pre-Raya house visits this year. Maybe I can do so on weekends when my sister is around. Maybe. I am still not sure. Even for the Education Sponsorship for Children which I am handling, thank goodness there is such a thing as internet banking so I can easily transfer the monthly pocket money and bus fares to the children’s account from the comfort of my home.

Ah well, I’ve got to set my priorities right…


J.T. said...

Hi Pi

There comes a time when some people need to handle matters themselves to be independent. There is a difference between persons who are clearly unable to help themselves and those who can but prefer to let other people solve problems for them.

You know who they are and I am sure you can use that to decide where to set your priorities. That said, mother comes first. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam K.Pi,

Agree that your mother comes first. Hopefully she's ok.


Pi Bani said...

Some people tend to think that once you help them, you're obliged to help them forever. It never occurred to them that we're trying to help them become independent. Yep, I can see the difference between my various clients.

Yes, definitely mother comes first. Alhamdulillah, she's coping quite well given that it has only been 2 weeks since her op.

Mat Salo said...

No worries, P. Seem's you ALREADY have your priorities right.

Problem is Pi you are a 'marked woman' when it comes to these kind of work. You are so good at what you do that people tend to just let YOU carry the ball. Being super efficient has its dark side, you know. But seem to handle these 'requests' pretty well, which requires lots of tact too, I'm sure.

Kerp's latest posting "YB" and "working" - is that an oxymoron? Which reminded me of a time many moons ago in a mamak shop in PJ. LKS and DAP top guns were at the next table. One guy came in brazenly shoving a parking summons into LKS' face while he was about to consume his roti canai, asking the YB for help. Alamak! Itu pon nak jumpa YB ke?

Hope your mum gets better soon.

Pi Bani said...

Mat Salo,
Parking summons pun nak mintak tolong kat YB? Tu kira dah melampau...

But yes, some people do tend to ask for ridiculous favours, don't they? Bagi betis nak peha, bagi peha, mintak yang atas sikit dari tu... oops, censored!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh, this also reminds me of Mas Salo's posting on his other blog. its similar to teaching your kid to ride a bicycle. mula2 we provide all the necessary assistance and eventually the kid will be able paddle on his own. it may be a pain in the ass initially- as Mas Salo literally found out- but it was worth the trouble. you should do that not just the K's family but all your clients who has the potential to make it without troubling the Buddies that much. again, just a thought.

*opah dah boleh jala ke?

Pi Bani said...

Memang we try to limit our assistance to a certain extent only. But there are still bound to be the type of people yang minta lebih-lebih and treat us as though we are obliged to help them. Yang ni terpaksalah we all firm sikit.

Anyway, my mother started walking just after the 3rd day of operation - using walking frame lah, until the wound (from the surgery) really heals. Kena progress sikit-sikit lah, lepas ni kena practice jalan guna tongkat biasa tu pulak, and gradually insyaAllah, without any tongkat.

Tomorrow going back to Putrajaya Hosp. to take off the stitches... I mean the staples... :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

alhamdulillah. good to hear that. the reason i asked was, my own opah went for an operation on her left hip last week. now dah start belajar pakai walking frame. she's a bit weak that at times tannak bangun from her bed, which is not good. the physio said even jalan ke bilik air is a form of rehab. pelan2 pon takpe.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Pi,

Glad your mum is doing ok. Her 'nurse' is good ;)

Anyway, agree with you that sometimes you have your own life to lead and your own priorities to see to...Anyway, you won't be helping them if you keep solving things for them right?

It will backfire ma.

Anyway, you take care...

Pi Bani said...

There was another elderly lady who had her knee op on the same day as my mother, dah after 2 weeks baru discharged from the hospital because dia takut nak jalan bila rasa sakit.

My mother ni pun still rasa sakit especially bila nak bangun berdiri, but once dah bangun, okay. Kena kuatkan semangatlah.

Pi Bani said...

As JT mentioned, there are people who are clearly unable to help themselves and those who actually can but prefer to depend on others to help them. I need to pandai-pandai use my discretion lah to help those who really need the help.

Anonymous said...

Helo kak,

Hope your mom is doing alrite.

Please drop by my crip when u can.

Take care and God bless.


Lightnur said...

Assalamualaikum Pi

I could not agreed more that you mum is your first priority. Hope she gets well soon so you can still help your community especially during the bless month of Ramadhan. I ask Allah to give her shifa, Amin.

Pi Bani said...

Thanks so much for the award. God bless you.

Thanks. My mother is improving day by day, alhamdulillah.