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Thursday, 25 October 2007

ALERT: Another missing girl... please help find her! (UPDATED)

UPDATE 26/10/07: REKHA FOUND SAFE AND SOUND. A couple sent her home after finding her at the Kapitan Keling Mosque. Read more HERE and HERE.


Another girl went missing in Penang! 10 year old Rekha Abdullah failed to return home after going out to a pasar malam (sounds familiar?) to buy a VCD on Sunday night. More news here and here.

Parents showing photos of Rekha.

Please help find Rekha. Let's hope it won't take too long to find her. Any info, please contact Rakan COP hotline at 04-2691999.


Zawi said...

After all the publicity about Nurin's case there are still parents taking it easy on the safety of their children. After 4 days gone missing all we can think is that she will be another Nurin, only this time she may not be found.

PrincessJournals said...

as I commented in sis nuraina's, i hope she's found soon, alive and untouched.

Pi Bani said...

Having seen various situations of families in the course of my voluntary work, I shall not comment about the parents until I know for sure about their background. I know I can easily blame the stepfather for letting the little girl go to the pasar malam on her own, but sometimes surroundings do play a role resulting in it being 'normal' for children to be going out on their own.

And while we think there was such a hoo haa over the Nurin case, there may still be some people out there who are not up to date with the latest happenings in the country. (tak tengok TV, tak baca suratkhabar etc)

There has to be more awareness programmes, and I really wish Nurin Alert is implemented ASAP. The info about the missing girl should have been publicised since day 1, not a few days later.

Pi Bani said...

Yeah... how I wish Nurin Alert had already been in place...

PrincessJournals said...

Pi, thank god shes safe (kinda) tho the incident shudn have happened on the 1st place.

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak Pi,

Thank God she is safe. But what if there is a next one?

Like what princessjournals have mentioned 'tho the incident shudn have happened on the 1st place'.

U have a good weekend now.

Pi Bani said...

Princessjournals & Nightwing,

Yes, thank God Rekha's safe. As I had expected, Rekha's family is a poverty stricken family. For many poor families that I know, allowing the young ones to go out on their own is a 'normal' thing. Some, because they have to. Some, because they are used to it.

As I mentioned to Zawi, although there has been much publicity about Nurin's case, not everybody updates themselves with the latest happenings in the country because they don't watch TV and neither do they read newspapers. It may be a stupid thing to allow the child to go anywhere on her own, but sometimes we can't really blame the parents for being stupid. The parents were probably used to doing things on their own since they were young and as such to them there's nothing wrong letting the children do the same.

Let us not blame any one particular party/person. The society as a whole needs to play their roles - to eradicate poverty, to create awareness, and whatever else to make our surroundings a better place to live in.

We all need to do more. Myself included!

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak Pi,

Well Put..:)