THEY WILL ASK thee as to what they should spend on others. Say: "Whatever of your wealth you spend shall [first] be for your parents, and for the near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, verily, God has full knowledge thereof." - Al-Baqarah (2:215)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Ahh, the children…

Rozi called me up from her workplace this morning. Yes, the aunt Rozi, new guardian of Sofie’s children. In a way, I was glad she called… at least it showed that she already felt comfortable talking to me. On the other hand, her call could mean there’s a problem she wanted to talk to me about – a problem involving the children.

True enough, Rozi was getting worried about Azman, the culinary boy. The boy did drop by Rozi’s house during last Tuesday’s public holiday, but just for a short while and with a specific purpose. Since he needed to get a new guarantor for his PTPK loan, his aunt Rozi, who previously was the second guarantor, has now become the first guarantor, and so she needed to sign the form again. And the second guarantor which he ended up getting one himself… was his other aunt’s husband. Yep, the aunt whose house he frequents.
However, according to Rozi, she wasn’t too sure herself if the signature of the second guarantor was indeed signed by the uncle, or signed by Azman himself. I remember when I brought the other kids to visit Azman at his college and asked if he had got a second guarantor, he did mention he found one although he refused to mention who. Then when I asked if all the forms had been signed, he said there was no need. Huh? Guarantor need not sign? That’s impossible.

Anyway, Rozi’s main concern was that Azman could be skipping his classes because Azman’s paternal aunt did mention to Rozi that she saw Azman at the other aunt’s house. But I told Rozi I had just met one of his lecturer’s last week and according to his lecturer, Azman is still showing interest in class. And I assured Rozi that I had already told the lecturer to inform me immediately should Azman start playing truant.

And according to Rozi, Azman now has a new girlfriend… no longer his senior at the culinary school, but his own cousin (who is also 2 years older than him). Ahh, no wonder he loves to frequent the other aunt’s house… he wanted to be with the girl! Haiya! And this was the same cousin who got pregnant (out of wedlock) and went for an abortion earlier this year. Sigh…

On the good side, when I asked Rozi about Azlan, the older brother, Rozi said Azlan had changed a lot positively. Before this, Azlan was even more problematic than Azman, not wanting to listen to his mother, always coming home late. His positive changes started when Sofie was still alive, and after Sofie passed on, both Rozi and myself noticed Azlan had indeed become a more responsible person.

Thank God for that. Imagine if both Azlan and Azman gave problems, both Rozi and myself would end up with even more headache!!

Later in the afternoon, Hana called me up and asked if I could check online to see if her daughter managed to secure a place at any of the IPTAs. Somebody told her daughter that the results would be out this afternoon and since she didn’t have any internet or even computer at home, she sought my help. She’s supposed to register for form 6 this week, and Hana didn’t want to buy uniforms etc  only to be using them for a short while should her daughter get offered to any of the IPTAs.

So yes, checked online I did. I have copies of the girl’s certs with me, so I already had her IC number to enter. She wasn’t successful in her application. And since she didn’t apply for TEVT/ILKA (polytechnic colleges & technical/industrial institutes), I suppose form 6 it is for the girl.

I then proceeded to check for Aini’s daughter. Earlier on when I went to visit her at her house, she did enter some details online using my netbook, and so I still had her IC number saved. She too wasn’t successful in her application for IPTAs. She however, did apply for TEVT/ILKA as well, and so she still stands a chance to further her studies elsewhere instead of continuing with form 6. The results for this one will only be known later some time end of May.

I didn’t bother to check for Azlan yet. I was the one who submitted his application online, and based on his results, I didn’t bother to apply to IPTAs. Instead I submitted his application for TEVT/ILKA. Which means the results will only be known end of May.
Meanwhile, according to Rozi, Azlan had gone for a 3 weeks training in KL for his new job. He got a job at a car service centre and will continue to work until he gets a place to further his studies. I do hope Azlan will get a place to further his studies in the field he likes – automotive. I want him to get a qualification better than just SPM. At least if Azman gets his Kitchen Practice certificate, he cannot look down on his older brother.

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