THEY WILL ASK thee as to what they should spend on others. Say: "Whatever of your wealth you spend shall [first] be for your parents, and for the near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, verily, God has full knowledge thereof." - Al-Baqarah (2:215)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Still on the online applications…

Looks like matters pertaining to online applications for our sponsored children are not over yet. I thought after advising them about what courses they qualify for etc, they’d be able to choose from the list, the ones that would interest them more.

But other than Azlan who left it entirely to me to submit his application for him, the others seem to be still unsure. I still have one problem with Azlan’s application though… in the online application, the applicant is supposed to enter his/her co-curriculum CGPA. Apparently each student was supposed to be given a Sijil Kokurikulum by their respective schools. I even saw a copy of such cert belonging to Hana’s daughter. But Azlan listed down the list of documents given by his school and Sijil Kokurikulum wasn’t one of them. I had no choice but to fill in 0.00 for his co-curriculum CGPA.

Aini’s daughter, who told me she had submitted her online application when she went to a cousin’s house, still asked if I could take a look at her application. Candidates are allowed to update their applications 3 times before the closing date, and so the girl would still be able to change her choices.

Today I went to visit Aini again. Since her daughter works the early shift today (she works temporarily at a restaurant), and would only be back after 4.30 pm, this time I went to visit after my asar prayer. She was hoping I’d bring along my netbook and modem again so we could check her application, which I did.

So yep, we browsed through the courses she had applied for, and one look I could tell that with the exception of one or two courses, the rest of her choices were courses which she didn’t qualify for. You see, she submitted her application with the help of a cousin who, after looking at her results, confidently told her that she qualifies to apply for those courses, based on the minimum requirements during his time! They didn’t even check the list of minimum requirements listed on the website. So we went through the list of courses again, checked out the minimum requirements, and we still found some courses which the girl was interested in and qualifies to apply for. Thank goodness changes could still be done before the closing date.

While I was at Aini’s house, Hana called. Earlier on she told me that her daughter didn’t have any particular interest, and so she sought my advice. Apparently this afternoon, reps from a medical college went to their house, trying to recruit students into their college. Upon seeing the girl’s results, she obviously didn’t qualify with D’s in Physics and Chemistry, and she didn’t even take up Biology. The reps definitely could not rope her in to join them. But somehow they managed to influence the girl to suddenly get interested in Medic, and suggested to her that she sits for the science subjects in this year’s SPM to enable her to apply for Medic at their college for next year.

Hana and her daughter actually fell for it. When I told Hana that based on her results, the daughter is not made for Medic, Hana replied, “Tapi dia minat perubatan!” Oh dear… from tak tau nak minat apa, suddenly after one visit by the private college reps, she now minat, of all the things, perubatan? Minat perubatan or minat the income prospects of those with Medic qualifications as must have been highlighted by the reps from the college?? Those reps were only thinking about the RMs for themselves…

I advised Hana against it and asked to her to get the daughter to take a look at the list of courses which the girl qualifies to apply for. I hope they will be more realistic in making their decision. Even if she doesn’t get any offers, maybe she should just consider form 6, in a proper government school… rather than sitting for individual SPM papers privately. It’s a different story if Hana has lots of money!

I hope Hana’s daughter will consider the list of courses I highlighted to her…


Wan Sharif said...

A noted advisor.. Next year it will be Ayah wang's turn to seek Pi's advice on his not so hardworking daughter online application.. Boleh ke?

Pi Bani said...

Ayoh Wang educated enough to advice his own daughter... :)