THEY WILL ASK thee as to what they should spend on others. Say: "Whatever of your wealth you spend shall [first] be for your parents, and for the near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, verily, God has full knowledge thereof." - Al-Baqarah (2:215)

Monday, 9 May 2011

On charity mode…

Other than toys collected during my “back-to-school” weekend, I’ve also been getting other toys, either by post, or personally delivered by those who happened to come to Ipoh for work matters.

So yes, I do have more than enough toys for our coming Family Day in July…

IMAG0252 IMAG0257

IMAG0254 IMAG0260

IMAG0259 DSCF1512

Now that I’ve already sourced for the toys, I shall leave it to the Fellowship committee who will be involved in making all the necessary arrangements for the Family Day, to sort the toys out. I’ve done my part…

But THAT will be in July. There’s another charity event coming soon… the Ipoh Rotary Ekiden Run for Charity this coming Sunday, 15th May 2011.

Buddies took part in the same run last year, but last year we had 5 runners in a team with each one running 2 km, making it a total of 10km per team. I personally managed to raise RM1.1K for my 2km run while the other 4 runners combined managed to raise RM200. Duh!

For this year’s run, the organisers decided to make it 4 in a team – with each one having to run 3km – totalling 12km per team. When a Rotarian asked if we’d like to send a team for this year’s run, at first I wasn’t quite sure if we should participate. I wasn’t too worried about the other runners of course, I was more worried about myself. Compared to last year, I am not only a year older and closer to 50, I am also 3 or 4 kgs heavier and the run is 1km further. If I don’t participate, I know the usual runner from Buddies will have no problem finding “import” runners, but based on last year’s funds raised, the only way for us to raise more funds is by having this old “madam chair” running as well.

So yes, RUN I will this coming Sunday! Been keeping fit for the past few weeks with high hopes that I will be able to complete the 3 km run. I know I can walk 3km non-stop, so worse comes to worse, I’ll walk!

BUT even with this Madam Chair participating, we still don’t have enough runners in the team. One of our volunteers who ran last year, has to represent her club team this year, leaving only 2 of us, myself and our treasurer. So I got the treasurer to get an “import runner” willing to run for charity. The other runner will be my client’s 16 year old daughter who always take part in her school’s cross country runs. So yep we will have a nearing 50 makcik and also a teenager in the team!

As for funds, with last year’s RM1.1 collection for my 2km run, I would have been happy with RM2K for this year’s 3km run. But alhamdulillah, as at this moment, I have managed to get RM3.2K for my run. That’s more than RM1K per km! Woo hoo! So at least my effort will be worth it!

Only problem is, the temperature of late had also been increasing together with the increase in the donations I managed to get!. Whatever it is, since this will be a relay run where each runner will have to complete 3km before passing the sash to next runner, we will have to take turns. And like last year, I will insist on running FIRST to avoid the blazing hot sun. First, I’m the chairperson… secondly, I’m the oldest in the team… and thirdly, I managed to get the highest amount of donations. So yeah, I shall use my veto power! :)

Whatever it is, I sure hope the weather will be kind this coming Sunday…


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Woohoo! Madam Chair exercising veto power! Good luck for the run. Errr...need any cat massage afterwards? purrr....meow!

Naz said...

I'm looking forward to the next entry ;)

Lari tak payah pakai kasut, Kak Pi dan jangan lupa sapu minyak kuda kat kaki. Gerenti boleh ganti Bionic Woman!

Pi Bani said...

Come and cheer me on la!!

Pi Bani said...

Tak yah pakai kasut? Kalau lari atas padang rumput ok la, but ni nak lari atas jalan tar lah, no way I'm gonna run barefooted!