THEY WILL ASK thee as to what they should spend on others. Say: "Whatever of your wealth you spend shall [first] be for your parents, and for the near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, verily, God has full knowledge thereof." - Al-Baqarah (2:215)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

More of this and that…

It has been more than a week since Sofie was hospitalised. Although I did tell her to call me once she’s discharged, until today I did not get any calls from her. Initially she was hospitalised (on Thursday 13th Feb) so she could be put on drips to enable her to get her energy back after the allergies caused by her ARV caused her to vomit every time she ate anything. She was supposed to be warded at the most for 4 days only.

But on Sunday, she fainted at the toilet in the ward, so the doctors decided to keep her at the hospital for another day.

I waited for her call, it never came. In the meantime I was busy with other matters so I didn’t call her to ask. But’s it’s already Sunday again, and so today I decided to send her a text message to ask if she was already home. Who knows, maybe she didn’t want to trouble me and decided to go back on her own.

It turned out that Sofie is still at the hospital. Last Monday she started getting feverish. The doctors decided to do further tests on her. The results of the tests are still pending.

Thank goodness Sofie’s sister is at home looking after the kids. But I think if Sofie doesn’t get discharged anytime soon, I may just drop by their house to see how they are doing.


I was in KL yesterday, attending a cousin’s wedding. Quite a number of SMS came in, mostly my FB notifications. But one SMS came from Aina. Remember Aina and her husband Ali, the poor family I visited recently? Aina informed me that Ali had to be hospitalised at Taiping Hospital because “doktor suspek kuman masuk ke otak”. I told her I’ll be going to Taiping Hospital this coming Tuesday for my clinic duty.

This afternoon as I was about to have my lunch, a call came in from Aina. She was sobbing, telling me that Ali “dah nazak”. I wasn’t about to go all the way to Taiping Hospital to visit. Thank goodness we have a volunteer in Taiping Hospital and so after lunch I sent a message to the Taiping volunteer and asked her to check on Ali if she had the time.

The volunteer did go to see them and gave her number to Aina just in case. At least Aina knows who to contact in case she needed help or support.


I thought I had settled all the fees/workbooks for the children under our sponsorship programme. Apparently Fuzi herself  thought her children’s school payments had all been settled. I have to say I was quite impressed that her children’s fees seemed the lowest compared to all the other children under the sponsorship programme. Well, it turned out, the earlier payment was only for exercise books etc they needed to buy from the school co-op before school reopened. Now the fees are all known and the total needed to pay for her 4 children’s schooling comes out to more than RM400.

So their fees aren’t the lowest after all…


irenewynn said...

Pi.. jgn lupa tanya anak bujang dia (yg SPM tu), if he needs the books. Kena tau apa subjek dia amek.. My doter is Lukisan/Teknologi Kejuruteraan so takde buku Bio atau Arab atau Akaun ek..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Pi,
I do hope both Sofie and Ali will recover soon. purrr....meow!

Pi Bani said...

Aye aye ma'am! Nanti I tanya...

Pi Bani said...

I hope so too. Bila dah dok hospital ni, anak-anak punya routine pun haywire jadinya.