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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Seminar

The seminar on domestic violence was indeed a success, with more than the anticipated number of participants attending – from jawatankuasa kampung, representatives from BN component parties, representatives from schools, colleges,  various government agencies and various NGOs. My only regret is, I wish more men attended. No point creating awareness amongst women on their rights whatsoever if the men aren’t listening…

Anyway, am not in writing mood/mode, so I’ll just share some pics ok?

seminar1 Breakfast before the seminar



At the registration table.






Welcoming speech by the chairperson of the organising committee.



Guest of honour (wife of Perak MB) giving a speech & officiating the seminar.



Dr Sharifah, president of Perak Women for Women, explaining on the health & social implications of domestic violence.



Dr Muhammad, deputy dean of the Perak Royal College of Medicine, talking about the psychological effects on victims and family members.

*Couldn’t get a better angle for the 2 pics above as I couldn’t move from that spot – I was taking care of the powerpoint presentation for both talks.



Forum on the roles of the various agencies. Panel consisted of representatives from the police, welfare department and jabatan agama Islam.



Last but not least, lunch after the seminar – gulai pisang, ayam masak kicap, sambal udang, ulam-ulam + sambal belacan.


Ilmu pun dapat, perut pun kenyang…  free of charge!


mamasita said...

I love the lunch menu after the seminar!!!
Maybe next time you can get me an invite??

Pi Bani said...

You nak an invite for the seminar or for lunch? ;-)

Anyway, you sanggup ke nak datang all the way to Perak for the seminars? Kalau sanggup, to get an invite, no hal!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Pi, had good fun. What was your presentation all about? purrr....meow!

Pi Bani said...

Yo Cat,
What do you mean MY presentation? I was taking care of the powerpoint presentation for the 2 speakers, not mine...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Pi, I think that deputy dean of the Perak Royal College of Medicine, is having some psychological effects of his own too. Just look at his un-co-ordinated colour schemes of his attire, simply horrendous….kakaka. Yes, I know I’m shallow :((


Pi Bani said...

Amboi, amboi Tommy... people talk about the seminar, you on the other hand was observing people's attire! Tsk, tsk, tsk...

Naz said...

Ah! kalau dekat dekat, dah sampai! my case, not for the food..hehe! ;D

Pi Bani said...

Kalau Pe'ah datang, masa break suruh Pe'ah demo buat roti, buleh? Debush! Debush! Debush! (mempertahankan diri dari domestic violence...)